Useful Links (General)

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ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Apache OpenOffice (Free Office Software Compatible with Microsoft Office)

BibMe (Free APA Citation Generator)

Creative Commons Free Image Search Engine

CustomGuide Interactive Training (Free Cheat Sheets on Windows, Mac, & Web Usage)

Digital Literacy Resources (Online Tutorials)

Dropbox (Free Online Storage)

Encyclopedia of Life (Free Online Encyclopedia of Living Species on Earth)

GCF LearnFree (Free Online Tutorials in a Variety of Subjects, from MS Office to Résumé Building)

Google Drive (Free Online Storage & Office Software)

Homework Log Sheet

Independent Study Record of Hours (ISP Log)

Keyboard Shortcuts (handout)

LearningQuest - Stanislaus Literacy Centers (Offers Free ESL, GED, & Literacy-related Services)

Library of Congress

Life Skills - USA Funds

Mendeley (a Free Research Reference & PDF Management Tool)

Microsoft Excel Video Tutorials

MITOPENCOURSEWARE (Free Course Materials from a Variety of Courses by MIT)

Online Chart Tool (Easily Make Pie, Line, Bar, Scatter Charts, and more using this free tool)

OpenLearn (Free Online Courses on a Wide Range of Subjects by the Open University)

Open Library (Free eBooks)

Prezi (Free Cutting-Edge Presentation Software)

Stanislaus County Library

Stockton - San Joaquin County Library

The Visual Dictionary

WorldCat (Global Catalog of Library Collections)

World Digital Library (Primary Materials from Cultures Around the World)

The World Fact Book (CIA)