Soft Skills

        In the modern world, many are focused on the technical aspects of their careers. Some may think that having the ability to do the job proficiently is all that is needed to succeed. Yet, this line of thinking does not take into account the social interactions that are needed to achieve excellent outcomes. Therefore, the job is done right when we fully invest ourselves and utilize soft skills.


        You may ask, isn’t competence enough? Not Exactly! Of course, we must have the skills to proficiently do the job, but we must also have the confidence to function properly in a diverse workplace. Not all tasks are performed in a solitary fashion, so we must know how to interact with others in ways that promote teamwork and productivity. Consequently, possessing people skills gives you a definite edge in life.


        When soft skills are discussed, some might mistake them for “wimpy” non-essential attributes, but that is not the case at all. According to Williams-Buenzli, "soft skills include critical thinking, interpersonal communications, and ethical decision-making" (2015). Indeed, it can be said that these skills are absolutely essential in every area of life. Each day we should practice the skills of reasoning, communicating, and empathizing to better relate to the world around us.

Soft Skills Video Resources:


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Ethical Decisions

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Empathy (Short)

        Finally, having the ability to interact with others in a way that builds professional relationships is a positive step towards becoming career ready, and the time to start developing soft skills is NOW! (Stop by the Learning Resource Center today to learn more)


(Article by: Farrell Bolinger 2018)



Williams-Buenzli, W. (2015).A Measure of Soft Skill Gains Acquisition with Engagement in Baccalaureate Nursing Programs. (Doctoral Dissertation). The Aquila Digital Community.