Fun Instructor BIOs

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Your instructors were asked the following questions for their BIOs:

•What is your favorite new movie?

•What is your favorite sport?

•What is your favorite pet?

•What is your dream vacation spot?

This is how they answered the fun questions...

Business / General Education

Laura Hughes

Miriam Muniz

Farrell Bolinger

Movie:         "Front of the Class"

Sport:          "Golf Fanatic"

Pet:              "Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy"

Vacation:    "Paris! (Didn't See The Louvre Last Time)"

Ingrid DeRouen

Art Rodriguez

Keely Crist


Bart Conner

Dan Key

Jack Smith

Movie:         "New: Beauty and the Beast. Older: Tombstone"

Sport:          "Golf and Football"

Pet:              "Hugo and Morti (English Bulldogs)"

Vacation:    "Kodiak Alaska, Second Favorite:

                      Fairbanks Alaska"


Paul Topping

Venessa Almanza

Jennifer Bojorquez

Ma Mora Martinez

Mike Eyerly

Movie:         "The new Star Wars Saga"

Sport:          "I don’t really follow sports,

                      although I do like tinkering in the garden."

Pet:              "Dogs, my two little terrors are Rosie & Vader
Vacation:    "Take a Disney Cruise,

                      or spend a couple weeks in Disney World with

                      my wife."


Rhonda Anderson

Movie:         "I can’t sit long enough to watch a movie!!!

                Been so long!!!!!!"

Sport:          "Baseball…. Go Giants!"

Pet:              "Doggies…. I like cat’s, too!"

Vacation:    "My travel trailer…

                      Anywhere as long as I can go fishing!"

Kellie Avara

Movie:         "Empire Records.

                What can I say I am a child of the 80’s"

Sport:          "Football (DA BEARS BABY)"

Pet:              "I am a dog person I love them all

                      and cannot refuse their cute little faces"

Vacation:    "I absolutely love any spot

                      that I could sit on the beach and distress,

                      but Daytona Florida has been my favorite so


Sarah Garcia

Sari De La Cruz

Movie:         “From HULU…

                      It’s Cloverfield Lane with John Goodman"

Sport:          "Basketball, Baseball, Ice Skating”

Pet:              "My dogs! Who have gone to Doggie Heaven”

Vacation:    "I have my passport.

                      …Europe, Holland, Amsterdam, and Italy!

                      I will make it there!”

Christina Foulke

Movie:         "Beauty and the Beast"

Sport:          "Football - Rams"

Pet:              "Dogs - Big Dogs"

Vacation:    "I love the beach.

                      I would love to go to Greece."


Melissa Cook

Movie:         "Courageous / Hidden Figures"

Sport:          "Soccer”

Pet:              "Beta Fish”

Vacation:    "Hawaii"



Conrado Uribe

Jerry Ragsdale

Adam Ragsdale

Larry Hanson


Jordan Connolly

Movie:         “Care Bears Unite! Just kidding...

                      ...Must be MOMENTO.

                      New Movies: Interstellar / Arrival"

Sport:          "Baseball, Football”

Pet:              "Ones that are not attacking me.   haha

                       Cats / DOGS / Reptiles"

Vacation:    "Mix of places, not one single spot

                      Ireland, Scotland, All of Europe."

Thomas Ducpham

Steven Nguyen

Movie:         "Groundhog Day"

Sport:          "Sport Fishing, Golf"

Pet:              "Lab"

Vacation:    "Ocean Cove"

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