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Below is a pictorial demonstration on how to access scholarly resources through your MyIOT student account. When writing academic papers, peer-reviewed scholarly resources that are recent, reliable, and relevant to your topic must be cited—and the databases provided by IOT (Academic OneFile, Gale PowerSearch, and Gold Rush Journals) are the best places to start. Access to these premier scholarly databases are purchased by IOT and provided free to you—so please take advantage of these excellent academic resources!


Beneath this tutorial, you will also find links to other free online databases in the event you cannot find what you are looking for through IOT's subscription databases. Please also feel free to visit me in the Learning Resource Center or to contact me here for additional help. NOTE: To magnify an image, simply click it.


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1) Click the MyIOT link in the navigation menu at the top of this webpage (on the left next to "home").

2) Sign in to your account (if you have not signed in to MyIOT before, note that your username is usually in CAPS and consists of the first 3 letters of your last name, the first three letters of your first name, and 3 numbers (usually 001 or 123); your password is usually the last four digits of your social security number).




















3) In the lefthand panel (of your "My Classes" page), place your cursor over "Library" and click "Online Library."





















4) Search your topic using one of the provided search boxes (Academic OneFile or Gale PowerSearch) or click the Gold Rush Journals link and enter your search terms on the subsequent page). For the best results, try all three.




















5) To search using more specific criteria, click the "Advanced" link next to the search box in Academic OneFile and Gale PowerSearch or the "Article Finder" in Gold Rush Journals. To further refine your search results, you can filter them according to type of publication, full-text and peer-reviewed articles, publication date, etc. You may also narrow your search results by using Boolean search terms (for a helpful handout on Boolean search terms, click here).








































*For help citing these sources, please see the APA Tutorial webpage. If you need additional help using subscription databases, please see me in the LRC or send me a message using this form.



Additional Databases (Free Online Access)                                                     Return to Top


BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (Academic Search Engine by Bielefeld University)


CiteULike (Search Engine of Citations to Academic Papers)


CiteSeer by Penn State University (Search Engine & Digital Library on Multidisciplinary Subjects, especially Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics)


CogPrints: Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archives by University Southampton (The U.S. Government’s Open Data Repository)


The Dataverse Project (Harvard University)


Directory of Open Access Journals by Lund University (Lists Open Access Journals in Multiple Academic Disciplines)


ERIC: Education Resources Information Center (Online Digital Library of Education and Research Information by the U.S. Dept. of Education)


Google Scholar (Searchable Index of Scholarly Literature)


Internet Archive (Free Online Library of Books and Multimedia Resources)


Jurn (Online Database of Free Full-Text Scholarly Works)


OAIster (Free Digital Library of Open Access Scholarly Materials)


PLOS (Public Library of Science) (Free Search Engine for the Sciences)


SciTech Connect (Free Online Database of Scientific Documents from the U.S. Department of Energy)


Social Science Research Network (Free Online Database of Journal Articles in the Social Sciences and the Humanities)


U.S. National Archives (Free Access to U.S. Historical Records)


WorldWideScience (Global Database Providing Free Access to Journal Articles on all the Sciences [e.g., Applied, Behavioral, Formal, Natural, and Social])


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