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Databases: (Online Access to Government Information on Food and Human Nutrition)

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Internet Public Library Culinary Arts Search Results (Free Web-Based Resources)



Anthropology of Food (Free Webjournal on the Social Sciences of Food)

Gastronomica (The Journal of Food and Culture)

International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food (Free Online Periodical)

Bon Appétit Magazine

CaterSource Magazine

Chef Magazine

Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Fine Cooking Magazine

Food and Wine Magazine

Gluten-Free Living

Gourmet Magazine

Pastry & Baking North America Magazine

Saveur Magazine

Simply Gluten-Free Magazine

Vegetarian Times



America the Bountiful: Classic American Food from Antiquity to the Space Age (UC Davis)

American Culinary Federation

An American Feast: Food, Dining, & Entertainment in the U.S. from Simmons to Rombauer (U. of Delaware)

Baking Glossary (Home Baking Association)

Basics at a Glance (Culinary Abbreviations, Weights, and Measures)

BBC Online Food Glossary

Chocolate: Food of the Gods (Cornell University)

The Cook's Thesaurus

El Restaurante Mexicano (Mexican and Latin Foodservice Trends)

Flavor & the Menu (Flavor Trends, Strategies, and Solutions for Menu Development)

Food Arts

Food & Culinary Professionals Group (Academy of Nutrition & Diatetics)

Gastronomie Médiévale / Medieval Gastronomy (Bibliothèque Nationale de France)

Herbs & Spices: Uses, Storage, & History (Virginia Cooperative Extension)

History of the Spice Trade (UCLA)

Institute of Food Technologists

Joy of Baking

Key Ingredients: America by Food (Smithsonian Institution)

Kitchen Ingredient Dictionary

Larousse Cuisine (to translate, right-click the webpage and select "Translate")

Makan Time (Asian Food Ingredient Guide)

Menus: The Art of Dining (UNLV Libraries Digital Collections)

Must Have Menus (Menu Design)

National Restaurant Association

Native California Cultures (Food)

New York Public Library Menu Collection (1850-Present)

New York Times Dining & Wine

Plate Online

Preppings: a Chef's Reference (Online Food and Culinary Dictionary)

Seafood Watch (Sustainable Seafood Information)


The Spice Trail: Food and Flavours from Southeast Asia

TasteSpotting: A Community-Driven Visual Pot Luck

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Food and Drug Administration



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Food Network

VegWeb (Vegetarian Recipes)


Recipe Conversion Factor Method